"My sails are always ready, my anchor always stowed. And though I found my harbor, I set sail again, because that’s what ships were meant to do."
-- Prescott Reynolds

Jesus. Christ.

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"Something funny happened, and I need to tell you!"


- Sagittarius (zodiacsociety)

❝I have lost and loved and won and cried myself to the person I am today.❞
(Charlotte Eriksson, Empty Roads & Broken Bottles; in search for The Great Perhaps (via psych-facts))

Should be the motto of every New York woman.

Should be the motto of every New York woman.

Perhaps the album of 2014 for me.

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Love this project. God bless these guys.

Holla Back in NYC
  • <b> <b></b> <b></b> Catcaller:</b> Hello beautiful. How was your evening?<p><b>Me:</b> ....It was great, thanks for asking.<p><b>CC:</b> Really? Well if it was so great, then why are you walking home alone all by yourself?<p><b>Me:</b> Because I'm exhausted and I'd rather not be bothered, thanks.<p><b>CC:</b> Well that's a bit rude. You should at least thank me for the compliment.<p><b>Me:</b> Well if I really gave a fuck about your opinion, I might. But I don't, so I won't.<p><b>CC:</b> Wow. Why the foul language?<p><b>Me:</b> Because I have a sailor mouth. So what? Now, move along.<p><b>CC:</b> Wow you really are a bitch.<p><b>Me:</b> Funny you should say that. Bitch is actually my middle name. Now quit being so butthurt and scurry along.<p><b>CC:</b> (walks ahead and mutters over shoulder) ..... Skank.<p><b>Me:</b> Oh, go fuck yourself.<p><p><p>

❝Forget them. They should either love you or fear you.❞
(Sandy pants, on anxiety about running into exes)