"My sails are always ready, my anchor always stowed. And though I found my harbor, I set sail again, because that’s what ships were meant to do."
-- Prescott Reynolds
I can’t wait for winter. Just can’t.

I can’t wait for winter. Just can’t.


Kate and the birds by kevinrussmobile on Flickr.


Abandoned Theaters

Ok, I can totally see myself getting that map tattoo.

Ok, I can totally see myself getting that map tattoo.

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Paris 1950


Paris 1950

❝I never longed for a man the way I longed for the horizon. If I had been born different, they would have called me a sailor, but I was a born a woman, so they called me a fool. My eyes lingered on the edge of the world as I watched the sun run away, quietly, but clearly, calling my name.❞



Treehouse Community

Finca Bellavista (FBV) is a sustainable treehouse community situated on 600 acres of land in the mountainous South Pacific coastal region of Costa Rica. FBV is the brainchild of Mateo and Erica Hogan, a married couple from Colorado who fell in love with Costa Rica.

This is amazing, wow

Oh my God. Is it weird to say I’d love to honeymoon here? Even though I am single and not planning to change that anytime soon? No? Good.

on longing


I have not been writing. I have been very, very busy not writing. I have been taking out the trash, washing the dishes, and painting my toes to dismal results. I took my hands hostage, forcing them into copying, printing, organizing, and whatever verb that could occupy them. I was updating my resume, my diet, my wardrobe, my life. I was breaking in new shoes and throwing out old bras, curating new playlists and burning old lyrics. I was packing and tossing and cycling and pacing and ignoring the boiling inside. 

Life was settling into order, and there was one enormous, insurmountable problem: me.

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She blows my mind every time. If you don’t follow Prescott, I don’t know what you’re doing.