"My sails are always ready, my anchor always stowed. And though I found my harbor, I set sail again, because that’s what ships were meant to do."
-- Prescott Reynolds
A buddy of mine is working on a film project that could really use your support! You can check out the concept and (if you like it) donate here! Thanks!

A buddy of mine is working on a film project that could really use your support! You can check out the concept and (if you like it) donate here! Thanks!


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OMG Peter.

Friends let friends roll around in their hard-earned cash.

Friends let friends roll around in their hard-earned cash.

❝So I say that we hit up the town and make those NY boys jealous.❞

❝…and she did some princess shit and the bouncer apologized to us and let us in for free.❞
(Peter, re: his weekend in NYC)

Pep Talk
  • Peter: I'm rockin' Gizoogle fo' tha rest of dis chat, just so you know. Props fo' remindin' mah crazy ass bout dis site.
  • Me: Oh, you are most certainly welcome.
  • Peter: Oh yeah, put 50 shades through Gizoogle. I'm gonna fail this pulmonary test.
  • Me: Haha that's a great idea. I keep getting "50 Shadez of Gay." Da fuq.
  • Peter: I put my notes in: CO bindz ta Hb wit a affinitizzle of bout 240x dat of O2. Y'all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! Did Gizoogle just give me a pep talk to study harder?





Lord give me strength to do nothing more than hide my ignorant, conservative friends’ statuses about how much they need their assault weapons and hate Obama.

I think people have the right to own guns as long as they’re mentally stable and have been trained (ie permit that requires testing, military, police officers, etc). I do think it’s important to have guns, but it should be rather limited. The issue, to me, is that people blame Obama for these issues when in reality it’s a whole system of votes yay or nay, not one man. And a lot of people don’t realize that even though he’s the president, he’s not making every decision on his own.

Some people that have guns really scare me. But on the other hand, not having guns means only the criminals will have them, especially since many of our guns come from other countries like Mexico. Making sure no American has them really doesn’t do that - it means people who are trying to own/carry guns legally won’t be able to get them, not that guns won’t be an issue. I’ve been doing some research and I found this book on google books called “More Guns, Less Crime: Understanding Crime and Gun Control Laws, Third Edition” by John R. Lott. There’s a lot more research saying exactly what he says, but I’m not gonna list it all since I have class soon!

Needless to say, I myself am afraid of guns and don’t want to own one. I’ll go to the shooting range, sure, but using one myself, in my home? That terrifies me. That being said - I don’t think other people shouldn’t be allowed to have guns as long as they’re deemed fit.

Because amidst all of the sensationalization, blind rage and sorrow, I’m glad to see my friends speak with knowledge, tolerance and reason.

Political talking points are not black-and-white, “easy” calls to make. There are more gray areas and repercussions to each argument than many in our generation seem to recognize. That’s why big changes in legislation take time and deliberation!

I’m not sure what my position is on this particularly, but even if I did, you wouldn’t see me blasting polarized messages that completely disregard others’ reasons for thinking differently.

Give people the benefit of the doubt, especially those you have chosen to call your friends. We’re all human. And most of us want what is best for everyone.

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What best friends are for
  • Eliana: [sexy winky-face emoticon]
  • Me: That looks like a hooker with a lazy eye.
  • Eliana: Oh, so you?

Financial planning
  • Peter: ...But they pretty much just got drunk for 5 days. Damn liberal arts.
  • Me: Haha that's fine. In a few years you can get drunk on your boat. Which is what I assume all doctors and other big money makers to have. Just don't forget to invite all of us little people to your yacht parties.
  • Peter: Lol I'm not in it for the money. And I'm prob not gonna be some lofty loftness specialty anyways. So sorry, no boat.
  • Me: Lame. I want a boat. Someday...
  • Peter: I plan to buy many guns. You can shoot my guns.
  • Me: Hahaha deal. I shoot your guns, you can get drunk on my boat. But we probably shouldn't combine the two at the same time.
  • Peter: Ya massive tragedy waiting for us.