"My sails are always ready, my anchor always stowed. And though I found my harbor, I set sail again, because that’s what ships were meant to do."
-- Prescott Reynolds
❝Everyone else is onto your little tricks and used to them; they’re not impressed. But I’m not. I’m new and somehow you got me. You got me good.❞

Missing this booger today.

Missing this booger today.

Ugh. Brooklyn boys.

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❝So Matt and I got on the train, and this crazy lady immediately started talking to us about being Bruce Springsteen’s girlfriend. And meeting a ghost. And she recited to us some of her poetry…while sort of…humping the air… Now she’s talking about food processors.❞

Fair Warning

About to put a whole lot of dumb reblogs that will probably cause me to lose followers, but I’ve been very confused and frustrated for a while and it’s all striking me right now and I need this indulgence.

I appreciate those of you who don’t mind. And to those who do, I’m not sorry. 

Not sure what to do with this, but your dimples are cute and your kiss tastes like bananas and I just wanna see you more than once a week. 

  • Me: Still stuck here working on this prototype :(
  • The Painter: That sucks!
  • Me: To be honest, I just wanna catch ya lol
  • P: Catch me? Like before I leave?
  • Me: [sarcastically] No, like a pokemon.
  • P: Haha.. I could be legendary... Might be tough...

❝Every time he says something annoying or obnoxious, like mentioning Paris, how expensive his shoes are, or all the girls on his imaginary “rotation,” take a drink.❞
(Last Night’s Drinking Game)

You’re sweet and you’re thoughtful. You’re creative and have aspirations. You’re cute and into me and it seems genuine, for once.

So of course I’m suspicious and just. stopping. short.

Check out what I’ve been working on since joining Makerbot!

Also, witness the start of my illustrious career as a hand model. (Kidding!)

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